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Tip of the day
Keep in mind that a file's innocuous extension (*.txt, *.jpg, *.gif) does not necessarily mean that this file is what it claims to be. Check it with your anti-virus software.

Test Your System

Trojans Test

This test will scan your system for the most dangerous and widespread Trojan horses. If a Trojan is found on your computer, the test will recommend the appropriate actions to take.

The test will probe the ports used by Trojans; if a port is "open", your computer is infected.

The test begins when you click on "Start Test".


By clicking the "Start Test" button, you confirm your consent to the following:

  • Your computer will be scanned and checked by our tests;
  • The results of your test will remain confidential and will not be given to any third party;
  • You agree not to hold PC Flank liable for any damages that may be caused to your computer or its contents as a result of your running this test;

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