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This test shows how vulnerable your computer is to various Internet threats. The test also determines if a Trojan horse already infects your system and if your Web browser reveals personal info about you or your computer while you’re web surfing.

The test takes less than five minutes, but provides the following:

  • Ports checkThe test scans your system for open ports that can be used in attacks on your computer. Open ports let hackers access your system.
  • Trojan horse checkThis test scans your system for any Trojan horses. If a Trojan is found on your computer the test recommends actions to take.
  • Privacy checkThis checks if your browser reveals any of your personal information. This might be the sites you have visited, the region you live in, who your Internet Service Provider is, etc. The test will recommend specific settings of your browser for you to change.

The test begins when you click on “Start Test”. It steps through a complete check of your system.

To view overall statistics of other users tests results click on “Overall Stats”.


By clicking the button “Start Test” you confirm your consent of the following statements:

  • Your computer will be scanned and checked by our tests;
  • The results of your test will remain confidential and will not be given to any third party;
  • The test does not give a sound basis for legal claims of irreversible consequences to your computer;