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Test Your System

Stealth Test

The Stealth test enables you to determine whether your computer is visible to others over the Internet. You can also use this test to determine if your firewall is able to successfully conceal your computer’s ports.

To determine whether your system is visible to others over the Internet (or your firewall conceals your system), we will send the following packets to your computer’s TCP:1 port:

  • TCP ping packet
    A uniquely-configured TCP packet with the ACK flag set to a likely port number
  • TCP NULL packet
    A uniquely-configured TCP packet that contains a sequence number but no flags
  • TCP FIN packet
    TCP FIN scanning is able to pass undetected through most personal firewalls, packet filters, and scan detection programs. The scan utilizes a TCP packet with the FIN flag set to a likely port number.
  • TCP XMAS packet
    A TCP packet with the URG, PUSH(PSH) and FIN flags set to a likely port number.
  • UDP packet
    A-uniquely configured UDP packet with an empty datagram.
Each packet represents various scanning techniques (eg the TCP NULL packet represents the TCP NULL scanning technique). Most of these techniques are widely used by hackers. If your system (or firewall) sends a response on receipt of any of the packets, it means that your system is visible to others over the Internet.

In the results of the test, you will see the status (stealthed/non-stealthed) of each sent packet, so you can determine which technique has successfully penetrated your system (firewall) and make the appropriate adjustments to your security.

The test begins when you click on "Start Test".


By clicking the "Start Test" button, you confirm your consent to the following:

  • Your computer will be scanned and checked by our tests;
  • The results of your test will remain confidential and will not be given to any third party;
  • You agree not to hold PC Flank liable for any damages that may be caused to your computer or its contents as a result of your running this test;

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