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Tip of the day
Keep in mind that a file's innocuous extension (*.txt, *.jpg, *.gif) does not necessarily mean that this file is what it claims to be. Check it with your anti-virus software.

Test Your System

Advanced Port Scanner

The Advanced Port Scanner tests your system for open ports that can be used in attacks against your computer.

You can select the scanning technique to be used in the test:

  • TCP connect scanning (standard) OR
  • TCP SYN scanning

You can also select which system ports to scan: the desired ports or range of ports, typical vulnerable ports and those used by Trojans, 20 random ports or all ports. This test is recommended for experienced users.

The test begins when you click on "Start Test".


By clicking the "Start Test" button, you confirm your consent to the following:

  • Your computer will be scanned and checked by our tests;
  • The results of your test will remain confidential and will not be given to any third party;
  • You agree not to hold PC Flank liable for any damages that may be caused to your computer or its contents as a result of your running this test;

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