In today’s complex era of computers and the internet, people have figured out loopholes and weaknesses in these systems and exploits them for their good. Anyone can get hacked and they can have access to a lot of information including bank account details, personal information etc. So how do you protect yourself from such attacks? One way is to use security software that is specially made to detect and remove malicious programs and software before they can cause serious harm to your computer and keep your information safe. But what is the best security software out there?


  • Avast Home Edition: Avast is a big name in security solution at the present time and their software have the capability of removing and guarding against several kinds of malware. Companies like this, charge money to give the user suites of big and bloated software that contain different kinds of shields or protection against specific kinds of viruses and malware. These shields can include protection from dangers of browsing on the internet or to protect the user from peer to peer attacks and another to stop instant messaging threats. Fortunately, this software does not take up a significant amount of RAM or system resources. It quietly scans and protects your computer from the background.
  • a-Squared HiJack Free: Spyware is notorious for its ability to evade even the best security software. So it is recommended to have more than one spyware utility for the added protection. This software, rather than having a live shield, it checks your computer for spyware and then eradicates it. This is the simplified version. In actuality, it does a lot more to keep your computer safe like viewing the programs that are using the TCP ports and looking at applications that run on

Emsisoft Anti-Malware

  • Attack Trace: So your computer might be safe from home with all of the great security software you installed but websites are also vulnerable to attacks. Attack Trace is a great free service that checks to see if your website is being attacked or not.
  • Comodo EasyVPN Home: VPN’s are one of the best ways to keep your privacy and stay protected on the internet. VPN’s create a secure peer-to-peer network over the internet and lets you share information. The protection comes from the fact that everything is encrypted so snooping on your data is out of the question.
  • EULAlyzer: One sneaky way that spyware manages to sneak into your system is through software installations. Commonly, they might even say that the software is spyware in the end-user licence agreements. This tool examines EULA’s and then promptly warns you about danger when needed.
  • Online Armor Personal Firewall: Firewall is like your primary defence against malicious threats. But this specific firewall is great in the sense that it does not constantly ask you what to let in and what to keep out. It is smart enough to recognise safe software and only asks you when it is unsure about something. Further, it has a safer mode that allows certain applications to run but the catch being with stripped down permissions.